First Time Here?

So, it's your first time to "That's Just Lovely...", eh?

Let's get acquainted as best we can over this internet deal, so that you can really feel "at home" here on my blog and I can rest assured that you feel comfortable with knowing what to do, where to go, etc. It's definitely not rocket science, but I figure a small introduction and a mini-tour can't hurt before you start clickin' around random places. ;)
First and foremost: My name is Brani Laine.
See? That's me.
I like to show people what I look like so they have a face behind the blogger. About once a week (once every two weeks for SURE) you will see a video blog from me where you'll be able to hear my voice. A lot of viewers of mine like this idea, because not only do they get to see how incredibly goofy I am, but then they also know what kind of voice to put behind the words. So then they have a face & a voice behind the blogging.
 My followers, by the way, are absolutely lovely and amazing. I wouldn't trade them for anyone else's followers, because they have all been very supportive since day one, which really wasn't too long ago. Apparently, I have followers in almost 35 countries. That's amazing to me, and all I can say is THANK YOU if you decide to follow along, as well. I don't mind if you're from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida or Rome, Italy. A cool follower is a cool follower.
"So what do I do next, Brani?"
The whole reason you're here is to read my blog, right? I've got "articles", if you will, on four different topics. Beauty (which is my main love), fashion (a close 2nd), DIY (do it yourself) crafts and products, and life. Why wouldn't I blog about life? I want y'all to get a sense of what is going on in my world. Like who my boyfriend is:
That's Brandon, my underwear model of a boyfriend. Totally kidding. He doesn't model underwear, but he could! He will be mentioned quite often in my blog, so you might as well know who he is and what he looks like, too!

As long as we're introducing the people in my life, above is Amanda. She is my best friend in this world, and she resides in NYC. We are starting a fashion & beauty blog REALLY soon together (as in, a few days from now). It's called Friends Take the Catwalk. I'll keep you updated!
You click "Home" and do one of two things:
1) Read my blog from the newest post to as far back as you care to.
2) If you have just one or two topics you care to read about (let's just say you really only want to catch up on beauty & fashion, and although you think I seem sweet, you don't want to read about my life), you would go to the pink and greenish navigation bars on the right-hand side that say "Beauty" and "Fashion". They can be found right under "First Time Here?" which is the button you clicked to get to this page! Clicking on the beauty button will show you ONLY beauty related posts, fashion will show you ONLY fashion, you get the idea. It's easier for those viewers that are here for one simple purpose.
3) Make sure to leave a comment (say whatever you want, but try to keep it a little nice) telling me this was your first time here, you liked this or that, hated this or that, where you're from, etc. I promise you I read every single comment. I even visit every visitor's blog. :P
I have faith in ya that you've got it from here! So get on "Home" and get started! xo


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