Button Swaps


If you're on this page inquiring about why you're button is no longer on my sidebar, please do not be upset. I sent out an email recently to ALL of my sponsors with information, and got few replies back. I'd also noticed that those same people who hadn't replied to my email were no longer visiting my blog. It's nothing personal, and I'm sorry if you didn't receive the email stating I would be looking for some new sponsors.

Bottom line is: I want sponsors that are going to be attentive to my blog and emails I send you, as I will always make it a point to be attentive to yours and helping you out in ANY way I can, whether it be with a giveaway, blog exposure, whatever.

PS. I'm not perfect. I accidentally deleted a button of a blogging buddy who never received my email and whom I wanted to stay sponsored with. If this is you, too, I apologize RIGHT NOW and pleaseeee just email me and tell me! I make mistakes all the time, and I would hate for that to happen and you not mention it. :P Thanks! Now...want to button swap? Read on, sistuh!

So yes, I am currently accepting button swaps, as long as you promise to be that sort of sponsor I just mentioned above. I like to have a great personal relationship with all of my sponsors, and I would hope you all would want the same. Sooo, if you are interested in swapping buttons, email me! My email address can be found on the "Contact" page. Thank you for understanding!


  1. Hey there! Would you like to swap buttons!!!

  2. I would love to swap, but first I need to know how to make a button first