Random Facts About Me:

1) I am extremely new to the world of blogging.

2) My real name is Branham (pronounced Bran-um), which is a family name. Brani was some sort of childhood nickname given to me.

3) I don't know why, but I can do an AMAZING impersonation of the Krusty the Clown laugh. I mean, it even freaks my friends out.

4) I am 5'3" and ___ lbs. You're kidding, right? I'm not telling you my weight. I've got lbs to shed, for sure. Thank goodness that it is fall now and I can cover most of it up with jackets and scarves (while still working out in my down time).

5) I write in an actual journal about my faith, and things that are bothering me. I am a very emotional person. Extremely emotional, sometimes.

6) I'm an actress. I believe and have been told that I am very talented. I just need the money to move out to Los Angeles, CA, so I can start auditioning. Perhaps I shall start a charity fund. :P

7) Sometimes I prefer to just cuddle and talk to my animals, rather than people. I believe that a lot of people can be cold, immature, rude, heartless even, sometimes. But there are also a lot of REALLY great people to make up for those awful people. Such as...

8) MY BOYFRIEND IS THE MOST WONDERFUL MAN ON THE PLANET! I do not know what I did to deserve him, but I thank God and my lucky stars every day and night that I have him around. Otherwise, I think I would have gone crazy a long time ago. Haha!

9) Family means the world to me. I may not always like what they do or say, but I always love each and every single one of them.

10) 3 years ago, when I was 22, I lost my father. He battled a rare auto-immune skin disease that just got really bad and he could no longer fight it. He was an amazing role model, and I miss him every single day.

11) I love meeting new people; I will talk to strangers, as long as I feel safe. I believe I get this trait from my Gramps, whom is my best friend, actually. He is still alive and healthier than most at 91 years young. I spend a lot of time with him (both hanging out and taking care of him), but that is never a problem. He's hilarious and more fun than some of my friends my own age.

12) I am reading a really great book right now by Maria Menounos. It's called The Everygirl's Guide to Life. Ladies, check it out. It is life-changing. Trust me. I have learned a lot already. I am also beginning to re-read Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. I'm sure by now, you can tell my faith means a lot.

13) The beach is one of my favorite places (see that picture up top?). It is my thinking spot sometimes. I'll go there by myself just to think or write.

14) I like pictures a lot. I love photography. If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will see a ton of pictures on a regular basis. They are either ones that I took with my phone, or from a really expensive camera. I am by no means a "model", but Brandon and I do have fun out there in the wilderness with our photoshoots.

15) Is the age I was when I started learning how to drive. My dad was the one that first let me behind the wheel of his SUV! Yes, you heard right. SUV.

16) Was the age I was when I got my first car. It was a Ford Escort zx2 called "Li'l Red". She was flooded in a nasty hurricane one year. After that, I got (favorite car I've owned) a pearly-white Maxima. This car helped me survive my first major car accident. I am on car #3, a gold Toyota Camry.

17) Gathered from the above statements, I have been in two very serious car accidents, and I am extremely lucky to be alive from both of them. One happened in '09 and one at the end of July of this year. My Gramps is lucky to be alive from the first one. Neither were considered my fault, thank God. We both had guardian angels looking over us.

18) I am a difficult person to figure out sometimes. A lot of the time, I don't even know what I want. This doesn't mean I am always annoying; it usually means I just go with the flow.

19) I am obsessed with all things beauty and fashion related. You will mostly see those types of things on my blog (more beauty than fashion). I love trying new products, getting all dolled up (even if I have nowhere to go) and showing my friends how to get certain looks. It's a great feeling when a friend comes to me for advice on products to buy.

20) I'd have a closet full of fashion-y clothes if I had more money. For now, I put together the cutest things I can find to look like I own expensive things. ;) I like to look good; like I actually take pride in my apperance. However, be it known, I am a BUDGET SHOPPER!


  1. Your gorgeous and your blog is amazing!! I'm your newest follower :)


    1. I have the best followers with the nicest compliments! Thank you sooo much. I'm so glad you decided to follow here. I'll be sure to visit your blog after I post this. Thanks again, Ashlee!

  2. I too am EXTREMELY emotional.. I've blogged about it before. I think it's both good and bad, depending on the circumstance lol I am a new follower and look forward to keeping up with your blog :)

  3. Wow! We could completely have a blast talking about shared tendencies over lattes. I sometimes prefer talking to animals too (or inanimate objects, they'll do). Usually my cockatiel--I call him "His Lord Grumpship". He is so sour, but utterly hilarious.
    I read Maria's Everygirl book and really, really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun! Certainly something I wouldn't mind getting again.
    And I am DEFINITELY a bargain shopper! If I shop at all--I'm usually strict with my money, because I'm always like, "Save it for the important stuff! Like that inventory you're supposed to be building for your shop!" My real weakness is going by Starbucks. Or the candy counter. Or the bakery. Sniff sniff. ;D
    Oh--by the way--if ever you're looking for a new handbag, I got my dream purse from Handbag Heaven--they almost always have a deal going on!! I love my purse...although it's funny, because I don't always dress in a way that flatters it...rather contrasting. Ah well. Not every day is a picture perfect day. ;D